20 Apr

Everyone who is used to doing aerobic exercise knows that aerobic exercise must last more than 20 minutes to be effective. 

But why 20 minutes? 

Famous Japanese fitness coaches have studied that the body's energy comes from fat and carbohydrates (carbohydrates). At the beginning of exercise, a large amount of carbohydrates will be consumed, and then fat will be burned slowly. 20 minutes is the time point for the body to burn a large amount of fat. 

In addition, when doing aerobic exercise, it is not the time but the load that affects the condition of fat burning. Aerobic exercise with high load (breathtaking) mainly consumes carbohydrate, while aerobic exercise with low load (slightly speeding up breathing speed and talking with others) consumes fat.

 Therefore, even if you do 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, you can also burn fat. 

If the relative load to meet the requirements, as long as 10 minutes of aerobic exercise, you can achieve the effect of fat burning. Even if after 5 minutes of exercise, rest for another 5 minutes, the effect of 10 minutes of exercise can still be achieved. 

As for what kind of aerobic exercise can reduce fat? In his book "lower body decides your lower life", Japanese well-known fitness coach Nakano James Hugh puts forward that high-efficiency aerobic exercise is brisk walking. As long as you change the way of walking slightly, you can achieve more effective oil throwing effect than running. 

7-8 km / h is the easiest running speed 

Why walking instead of running?It turns out that the best fitness equipment the speed limit between walking and running is 8 kilometers per hour. Take the treadmill as an example. If you start to walk at 5km / h and slowly increase the speed, there will be no problem at first. However, when the speed exceeds 7km / h, you will find that this is the limit of walking and it is easy to run. 

Whenever a beginner of jogging asks me about the speed of running, my answer is: 7-8 kilometers per hour. Although everyone's condition is different, it's basically the least burdensome and most enjoyable running speed for human body. Brisk walking consumes more calories than running! The speed of 7km / h is the limit of walking speed for ordinary people, and it is the most comfortable running speed with the least burden on human body. But the amazing thing is that running at this speed can actually reduce calorie consumption. In other words, walking consumes more calories than running at a speed of 7 kilometers per hour. Take a brisk walk, straighten your back, stride, and maintain a slightly asthmatic speed. In this way, even if you don't need to run, you can achieve the same effect as aerobic exercise such as jogging, and even burn more calories than running.

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