18 Feb

Crane in the construction and loading and unloading has a very important role, should be its role of different cranes also have a lot of classification, here to give you a detailed introduction to the common classification of cranes.

Crane classification:

1. Light Lifting EquipmentDivided into electric hoist, manual chain hoist, electric chain hoist, mini electric hoist, etc. Among them, 100kg mini host's structure is light, gold lifting, light weight, small size, parts universal.

2. Bridge CraneIts use is universal. It is erected on rails that fix pillars between buildings and is used in workshops, warehouses, etc. Loading and unloading indoors or in one unit. In factories, it is often called driving.

3. Gantry CraneThe main difference between a gantry crane and a bridge crane is that the main girders have two high supporting legs between each other, which run on a track across the ground. The plant is often called a gantry crane.

4. Jib crane

Such as gantry crane, stationary slewing crane, wharf container bridge crane and so on.Basically, from the crane division, mainly divided into two categories: bridge crane and jib crane.

Bridge crane is divided into common bridge crane and stacking crane, alloy crane, gantry crane, loading and unloading bridge and cable crane, ordinary bridge crane into beam crane and bridge crane.

Jib crane is divided into operating arm rotary crane and fixed arm crane. Jib crane is divided into tower crane, gantry crane and floating crane.

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