12 Feb

The baby was born, the umbilical cord is not completely off before, in order to prevent infection, it is recommended to wipe the bath as far as possible, if you must bath, you can go to the pharmacy to buy waterproof dressing paste, stick to the top of the navel, when washing more attention can be paid.

Bath preparation:

· Bathtub try to choose ordinary bathtub, can be equipped with a single tray. Bring radian bathtub, baby grow up can only idle, a little waste

· Conditional can prepare a bidet frame, the height is just right, mom and dad do not have to bend, save effort.

· Prepare a large dry and soft towel· Water temperature gauge (separate from milk temperature gauge)

· Shampoo and shower· Shampoo cup (can also use a normal cup, mainly used to replace the nozzle, to wash the baby's hair)

· Shampoo cap (worn on the forehead, allowing foamy water to flow back down the groove, not into the eyes and ears)

· Baby hooded towel animal (very convenient, can effectively prevent the head cold baby shower)

· Moisturizing lotion or massage oil (emulsion absorption and moisturizing effect than massage oil), must be applied to prevent dry eczema

· Bath toys (can catch your baby's attention and make your job easier)

· Fitted onesies (preferably slightly thicker, depending on the room temperature)

· Nail clippers (after bathing, the nails will soften, this is a good time to trim them)

Take a bath is a relaxing thing, if your baby likes to play in the water, then, under the premise of doing a good job of keeping warm, can let the child play for a while, the happier, the more afraid of water, to learn swimming is also very helpful.

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