23 Feb

1. Only the normal adjustment of the filter press, in order to feed. Every time before the shift, have a thorough inspection of the equipment. The driving parts and gearbox of mechanical compactor must add enough lubricating oil; Hydraulic pressure to check the amount of oil in the tank and the working pressure of the hydraulic station, the hydraulic oil is generally replaced every year, Hydraulic system should carry out a comprehensive cleaning, hydraulic station working pressure should be done a complete cleaning hydraulic system, but can not filter pressure, leakage too small will cause leakage, damage parts;

2. When the number of filter plates shall not exceed the specified number, it is forbidden to start the work in order to avoid damaging the machine. Check the layout of the filter plate before loading, the filter cloth can not have creases to prevent the larger leakage; After the cake, the filter plate must be pressed tightly and arranged neatly;

3. After everything is normal, the pressure filter can be compressed. Filter pressure and temperature must be within the specified range. Excessive filtration pressure can lead to leakage. The plastic filter plate with high filtration temperature is easy to be deformed. The suspension concentration should be uniform when feeding. There shall be no mixtures; After the cake is removed, the filter cloth and filter plate must be cleaned and must not be pasted on the sealing surface or the feeding channel, otherwise it will affect the feeding flow and the sealing of the filter plate, leading to the deformation and damage of filter plate.

4. The selection of filter cloth must conform to the technical requirements of filter paddles. Before making the new filter cloth, the diameter of the opening should be smaller than the diameter of the filter plate. The feed hole distance should be small, the filter plate and the plate hole should be relatively concentric, the feeding hole should first shrink when the distribution is simple, otherwise it will cause the filter is not clear, low filter rate, low filtration efficiency, cloth cylinder rupture does not achieve the expected results;

5. At the initial stage of the filter press, a layer of cake is formed on the filter cloth, and the filtrate is filtered. If the filtrate has been turbid or clear change mixed, it may be the cloth damaged or cloth hole and plate hole deviation, then to close the valve or stop feeding to replace the cloth. Between the filter plate allows a small amount of filter cloth capillary phenomenon;

6. When moving the filter plate, the force should be uniform, can not collide. Avoid damage to the sealing surface and filter wrench handle. Filter cloth will harden after use for a period of time, performance decline, which requires regular inspection, if found to have any changes in the filtration rate, can be used in the corresponding low concentration of weak acid and weak alkali neutralization cleaning, make filter cloth recovery function, can not restore the timely replacement;

7. Slurry, lotion or compressed air valve, must be opened according to the operating procedures, can not be opened at the same time, when the diaphragm squeeze compressed air pressure should not exceed the filter pressure.

This is the advice from Jingjin Equipment Inc., an industrial filter press manufacturer.

Characteristics of filter press:

1. Adopted technology, beautiful appearance;

2. Large structural rigidity, stable operation and low noise;

3. Equipped with thickening pretreatment equipment, low operating cost.

4. The distributing device in the gravity dewatering area makes the material evenly distributed and extends the life of the filter belt.

5. With super-long gravity dehydration zone and wedge-shaped dehydration zone, the material is fully dehydrated to ensure that the material will not overflow in the pressing area;

6. The rollers are arranged in a scientific and orderly manner. Gravity dewatering, wedge dewatering and pressing dewatering are discharged separately without interference with each other. The ratio of diameter of squeezing dewatering rollers is large and the dewatering effect is good. Therefore, large production capacity, energy saving;

7. The continuous operation from feeding to discharging mud cake has a high degree of automation. The PLC interface can be set up according to the need, which is convenient for centralized control by microcomputer.

8. The power transmission mechanism adopts mechanical or frequency conversion stepless speed regulation with wide range of speed regulation and wide adaptability.

9. The filter belt is provided with a reliable backwashing device to ensure the dewatering effect of the filter belt.

10. Adopt pneumatic tensioning and pneumatic automatic deviation correcting device to ensure the safe and normal operation of the filter belt.

11. Safe and reliable operation, using infrared safety protection and emergency safety stop device.

12. The filter belt with different structure can be configured according to different materials.

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