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We supplies many kinds of screw press for sale, to satisfy the demands of industries, such as, metal press machine, friction screw press, brick press machine, etc. The machine processes adaptable, saving and environmental protection, high degree of automation, simple structure, convenient operation, safe operation, maintenance workload is small, anti-side load capability, mold adapt, long life, high precision forging molding, energy-saving, precise control of many aspects of the fight against the force of friction, such as superior to the traditional forge press for sale. In the field of railways, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and tools, cutting tools, standard parts, hardware, textile machinery production are widely used, are indispensable to modern forging industry advanced equipment.

low-voltage dry circuit applications  /  Laminators are largely obtainable in A4 and A3 sizes  /  Flywheel clutch disc    /  The two major sorts of lamination machines